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What is Wasatch Constables?

We are process service experts.

Since 2010, Wasatch Constables has been the corporate entity of the Ogden City Constable’s Office. We deliver, execute, and enforce Utah’s court process, both civil and criminal, with courtesy, professionalism, and competence. Our success is based on your success. We are committed to:

  • Increasing your serve rate with our innovative techniques and ideas.
  • Using technology to quickly locate litigants.
  • Understanding your expectations and exceeding them.

Our goal is to become your process server and increase your serve rate.

What else can Wasatch Constables do?

As Peace Officers under Utah Code, constables have powers and authority beyond regular process servers or private investigators.

  • Skip Tracing – Our office excels at skip tracing. Besides simple database searches, our investigators are trained in interviewing acquaintances, neighbors, and family members to find people accurately and quickly.
  • Executions – Our office has the authority and expertise to seize and sell property. We understand what is worth taking and what should be left alone. We will work with you to maximize your execution.
  • Evictions – Our office can kindly and quickly restore possession of your rental properties. We lockout evicted tenants and, if necessary, arrest trespassers.
Utah Process Server Experts

What are constables and what do they do?

In Utah, a constable is a fully empowered peace officer; specifically, a “Special Function” officer. Constables and their deputies are not tasked with general law enforcement duties. Still, constables and their deputies are certified through the Utah Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) Council. A proper analogy would be that constables are Utah’s equivalent of the US Marshals Service. While federally, the FBI is responsible for general law enforcement, the US Marshals Service are federal court bailiffs, recover fugitives, and serve process. In Utah, police and sheriffs are tasked with general law enforcement while constables perform court security, warrant arrests, and process service.

Wasatch Constables is the corporate entity for the Ogden City Constable, Rob Kolkman. Ogden appointed Rob as its Constable in 2009 and he founded Wasatch Constables to serve the greater Wasatch front and all of Utah



I’m Rob Kolkman, Ogden City Constable and owner of Wasatch Constables. I’ve worked in law enforcement in Utah for nearly 30 years. I promise to treat you like our only customer because I understand how important your service documents are. If you have any problems or question, please call and ask for me and I will personally help you, I promise.



We speak up for what we believe. We are open-minded, genuinely listen, and eagerly examine our strongest convictions with humility. We sometimes make mistakes, but are proud of our conduct.


Our first duty is to satisfy our clients; we work tirelessly to earn and keep their trust. While we pay attention to coworkers and competitors, we obsess over customers.


No one here ever says, “That’s not my problem.” We think long-term, never sacrificing the big picture for short term results. Our client’s problems are our problems. We solve problems.

This is Eric.

Eric is upset because his papers still aren’t served. If you sympathize with Eric, we can help.

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  • Rob Kolkman
    Rob Kolkman Constable
  • S. Steven Maese
    S. Steven Maese Chief Operating Officer
  • Ammi Aldous
    Ammi Aldous Operations Analyst
    • Joey Hackworth
      Joey Hackworth Administrative Assistant
      • Ashlee Hackworth
        Ashlee Hackworth Administrative Assistant
        • Matt Jennings
          Matt Jennings Chief Deputy
          • Tucker Marriott
            Tucker Marriott Training & Special Assignments Deputy
            • Ginny Stimpson
              Ginny Stimpson Deputy Sergeant

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